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Bloompoints offers a supportive and nurturing environment for healing and growth. 

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(312) 219-4136

Mr. David Lewis, LCSW


I am dedicated to offering you a secure, restorative, non-judgmental, and therapeutic environment where you can learn more about yourself. I aim to provide you with the necessary tools to reduce relationship anxiety, depression, and stress. I will assist you in building healthy and functional relationships and exploring ways to live an authentic life filled with significance and purpose. Together, we can work through your relationship difficulties and life's challenges, helping you achieve acceptance and inner peace.

Do you feel overburdened? If so, I am here to assist you.

Together, we will work towards personal growth to navigate the complex world. I will assist you in developing a solid sense of self and help you find the best solutions to life-changing questions. I aim to guide you towards a more fulfilling life with empathetic connections with others.

I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. My therapy is tailored to meet your unique needs, focusing on how your identity factors impact your experience. I incorporate evidence-based practices, strengths-based perspectives, and mindfulness-based approaches.

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